We have had our hand in the game of blemished wood baseball bats for over 10 years through various set ups as an on site vendor at numerous tournaments and league play across the state of Texas. Our bats are all wood bats sourced from major bat manufacturers. The wood quality of each bat is of high grade, approved through the manufacturer. These bats have come to us due to cosmetic errors or blemishes, hints the name "Blem Bats." Examples of blemishes are: double stamps, logo or engraving misprint, misalignment, runs in the paint, stain, scratches or marks in the wood, paint, stain, or varnish, incorrect color tint etc. 

How long will a wood bat last?

Regardless of the manufacturer or approved quality, wood bats can last one day or multiple years ranging from one swing to thousands of swings. The two most important factors in a wood bat are the quality of the wood and where the ball hits the bat.  Additionally, it takes time to become proficient using a wood bat as hitting the ball off of the wrong part of the bat can result in a broken bat.

For any wood bat you want to make sure that you are trying to make contact with the ball where the grains are smaller/closer together (called end grains). Catching the bigger/more spread out grains (called face grains) may result in using the weaker part of the bat. End grains maintain the most strength in the wood therefore hitting on the weaker face grains makes the bat more likely to produce a weaker hit along with a greater risk of potential cracking, splitting, or breakage of the wood bat.
Why wood bats?

Wood bats are great training tools for youth, high school, and college players. Many instructors are now going back to advising their students to utilize wood bats in their training. The purpose of training, batting practice, hitting lessons, etc. is to produce a repeatable perfected swing and drive the baseball regardless of pitch, speed, and location. Using a wood bat through this teaches these components more than using an aluminum bat. Comparatively an aluminum bat doesn't let the hitter feel when they have missed the sweet spot, however swinging with a wood bat helps encourage the hitter to make contact in the most powerful location with every swing!

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